Rica Represents SDR alongside Cesar Millan

Thanksgiving night on Fox, Rica Powell got to represent Smiling Dog Rescue on Fox’s Cause for Paws, An All-Star Dog Spectacular.

As Cesar Millan says in the video below, there is no such thing as a problem breed; however, there is no shortage of problem owners. For decades, different breeds have been labeled in the media as public enemy number one, but long before they were discriminated against, pit bulls were known as the “nanny dog” because they were so good with children. They’re loyal, dedicated and strong, but they are not right for every human, and people need to be educated. Here’s the story of one person’s mission to end discrimination of pit bulls and find them the right families.

Today when you go into a shelter, the majority of the dogs are pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

“I walked into a shelter in the beginning of 2007 and it broke my heart to see these kind, loving voiceless animals that were going to die. And I said- this has to stop.

Pit bulls are so misunderstood. It’s such a wonderful temperament dog- they’re so connected to their people. My goal is to restore the esteemed name of such a wonderful dog.”

To learn more about the history and the future of the pit bull breed, please click here.

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